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NOW THAT'S A VACUUM! This video demonstrates just how simply, and smoothly the 634-E (Electric-Powered Vacuum) can clean stable waste and debris, using either it's hose or simple vacuum function. As you can see, our vacuums are great for picking up large or small debris, making it that much easier for you to keep your stable in tip-top shape!

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Our Customers Testimonials

"The Elgee Electric Power-Vac has been a wonderful tool for our large commercial horse-boarding facility. Our barn aisles have rubber safety mats installed over concrete. During the day, these mats collect wet sawdust, manure chunks, and long pieces of hay that are very difficult to sweep up with a broom. Our Power-Vac handles everything beautifully! It is easy to maneuver around the barn, it fits through doorways, and it is significantly quieter and cleaner than a blower. Not only does our sturdy yellow vacuum help use keep our barn looking pristine, we save at least 30 minutes a day in labor as well!. Highly recommended for horse barns!" Rebecca, Simpatico Stables, Redmond, WA

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